Summary Outline

Lesson 1: Introduction
What is wisdom?
Can the young be wise?
Analogy to math, music and martial arts
Three components of wisdom
Integration with LifeWisdom website
“It ain’t over ‘till it’s over”
Sleep and wisdom

Lesson 2: Inherited Wisdom
What is inherited wisdom?
Discussion of students' inherited wisdom
Wisdom clusters

Lesson 3: 2x2 Matrices
What is a 2x2 matrix in terms of wisdom?
Logical equivalency
Example matrices:

  • Fish Pond
  • Time Management
  • Probability-Impact
  • Talent-Practice


Lesson 4: Weighted Rankings
Criteria and weights
How to do calculations
The Paper Airplane Technique

Lesson 5: Concepts
Vicious and Virtuous Circles
Law of Diminishing Returns
80/20 Rule
Murphy’s Law
Check, Re-check, and Check Again
Tip of the Iceberg
Lesson 6: Deception and Illusion
Illusion of number, strength, success, beauty, etc.
Lies (half truth, omission, unrepresentative example, complete fabrication, tricks of statistics)
Carrot Dangling
Bait and Switch, and other dishonest sales techniques

Lesson 7: Intuition
What is intuition?
Uses for intuition
How intuition speaks
Intuition stories
Integration of intuition with logic

Lesson 8: Eye of the Hurricane
What is Eye of the Hurricane?
Decisions under stress
Boosting exam performance
Eye of the Hurricane training