Videos of Lectures

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Within some of these videos, you will see references to other videos, which are found in the Wisdom Course/Videos-Supplemental section.


Lesson Title Time Year Comment


Timing Is Everything 05:33 2014 A story about a rocket.
Overview 12:02 2014 Three components of wisdom. MMA analogy. Talent-Practice 2x2 matrix.

It Ain’t Over ‘Till It’s Over

05:27 2014 A story about a water buffalo calf.
On Sleep 10:18 2014 Tips and technology.

Weighted Rankings

Part I 12:59 2014 Students build a car example. Explanation of criteria, weights and pre-filter.
Part II 13:17 2014 How to do the calculations. The Paper Airplane Technique.
The Deeper Meaning 02:05 2014


Blessing In Disguise 04:57 2014 A story about a flood.
On Preparation 02:49 2014 A story about a concert. Preparing for tests.
Feeding Chicken Soup to a Dead Man  01:45 2014 Why you should bring an umbrella on a sunny day. 
Hearing Vicious Circle 01:04 2014 Vicious Circle explained at 2:35 of On Sleep.
Check, Recheck and Check Again 01:56 2014
Tip of the Iceberg 02:56 2013
Intuition Intuition 15:35 2013
Eye of the Hurricane Part 1 07:55 2013 Begins the preparation of students for the class exercise.
  Part 2
Continues the preparation of students for the class exercise, and shows examples of students reciting a 2x2 matrix while under stress.