My Teachers

I believe it is important to honor your teachers. Here are the ones who most influenced my life.


My Mother: Who gave me my moral compass and provides an exemplary model of kindness.

Mr. Hurley: 6th grade math teacher who believed in me when no one else did, including myself.

Shirley Boyle: My first violin teacher, who taught me how to master almost anything.


Mr. Fiddler: 8th grade geometry teacher who taught me how to think methodically. (The fact that I played the violin had no bearing on my decision to include him on this list.)

My Grandfather (maternal): Who provided a legacy of integrity for me to live up to, and who taught me that he who knows most, speaks least.

Erazim Kohák: Philosophy professor who taught me how to connect my thoughts in writing so that others can follow them.

Carol Nelson: Student of B.K.S. Iyengar, whose melodious voice of gentle instruction is automatically triggered every time I stretch.

Gail Rundlett: Ballroom dance coach who took me from nearly zero to champion in one year.

Sarah Scriven: My second violin teacher, who taught me how to integrate passion with technique.

Elie Wiesel: Nobel Prize Laureate, who, believing in my integrity, gave me an A before I wrote the paper, which he knew I would not submit until after I graduated from college.



Kindergarten Teachers: Two, Little Folk Farm teachers, who together taught me the Mexican Hat Dance and song, while the other kids played in the sandbox.